Vienna Startup City

If you are into startups these days there are only a view places in Europe you have to be this week: one should be Vienna.

Why? Besides the infamous WhenyYouReallyLiveInWien blog about the Viennese “golden soul” you should be here for the Pioneers Festival 2013. Couple of hours ago I checked how my friends there are doing: those guys do a fantastic job in organizing the biggest startup event in Austria and spreading the word of pioneering across Europe. Check out their latest video about Vienna as a startup city.

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Featuring Startups

I like the way Collaborative Fund profiles entrepreneurs: This short featuring Grand St. is the first episode of Founders First. Can’t wait to see the next one.


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Beatbox Brilliance: Tom Thum at TEDxSydney

One of the best entertainment talks of a TEDx event I’ve ever seen, this time at TEDxSydney: Tom Thum is beatboxing like a pro, with a special for Germany 😉


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Image of the day – You were born to be real

You were born to be real, not to be perfect

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TV Reality – Samsung Smart TV

Just 2 cool tv commercials!



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Image of the day


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Stop Motion Style – Brooklyn Brewery’s MASH tour

What looks like a funky Stop Motion tour of Brooklyn is a very clever spot for the Brooklyn Brewery’s MASH tour. Some brands in Austria should have a good look on that. At least a friend of mine who started brewing his own beer should use stop motion for his marketing campaign 😉


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Take My Picture – Documentary About Rise of Fashion Bloggers and Street Style Stars

I have waited for this a long time: Take My Picture by Garage Magazine is a short documentary about the rise of fashion bloggers and street style stars. The film covers the phenomenon from the perspectives of bloggers and street style icons as well as fashion magazine editors and other industry professionals.


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Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today

don't let yesterday take up too much of todayvia

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Nägel mit Köpfen | Neuer Film von Marko Doringer

Als ich im Dezember von Nägel mit Köpfen, dem neuen Film von Marko Doringer, erfahren habe, wusste ich noch nicht, was mich erwarten würde. Ich durfte mir ein paar Szenen vorab ansehen und war sofort fasziniert: es geht um 4 Paare “mit unterschiedlichen Lebenskonzepten und in unterschiedlichen Beziehungsphasen. Sie lassen uns zwei Jahre lang hautnah an ihren Beziehungen, Gedanken und Gefühlen, großen Glücksmomenten und Sorgen des Alltags teilhaben… Sie alle suchen nach einem idealen Zuhause, nach Geborgenheit und dem Glück zu zweit.Continue reading

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Post-modern siren’s song

Post-modern siren’s song

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The Mushroom Cloud

A couple of days ago I came across a cool hip-hop orchestra – The Kyteman Orchestra: they have a great cover song ‘The Mushroom Cloud’ for their new album. Check out some songs here… I hope they make it into the San Francisco Dance Film Festival.


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Image of the day

A little Less Conversation | Elvis | Twitter


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A special Valentine’s Day

cdza comes up with a very nice Valentine’s edition: the stories of four couples and the songs they were married to.

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