It’s the 90s [Video]

I can’t pack it: it’s the 90s! Please enjoy this amazing mashup of 1990 scenes across the TV made by ‘Everything is Terrible‘.


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6 Responses to It’s the 90s [Video]

  1. Fiona.q says:

    just curious. is this blog created for your interest or your job needs you to?

  2. Christoph says:

    it’s just fun for me, like this one

    but I have a couple of professional ones: or

    • Fiona.q says:

      what i see from this blog is the big fun from almost every post… so just curious what motivates you to do so, cuz it must take quite some time to do the all posting. and i see, you are into fashion. p.s. i like the last one.

  3. Christoph says:

    thank you 🙂
    Actually all the private stuff (this one and the tumblr) is really not much work, cuz I read so much for the others (there are more than I mentioned) that it’s just a collection of what I like 😉

  4. Christoph says:

    absolutely right… I am convinced you have to find the right source you can live of 🙂

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