TED, TEDx, TEDxVienna – what is it all about?

The last days I posted some stuff about TEDxVienna, TED in general. Some of you may have wondered what TED is all about. Well, it’s simple: TED stands for technology, entertainment and design and is a platform to spread ideas, abstracly speaking. There are 2 slogans describing TED best: “ideas worth spreading” and “first heard at TED” – meaning that special ideas about every subject linked to men is presented at TED for the first time. (For my german speaking friends >>)

Why I am involved in this? Actually it is the amazing concept, to give stage to exceptional or simple ideas which nobody had thought before. It is empowerment of people, sharing as an essential need of men.

Two videos providing a good insight… and don’t hesitate to comment for any question and check out the TEDxVienna Blog.

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2 Responses to TED, TEDx, TEDxVienna – what is it all about?

  1. Fiona.q says:

    “first heard at TED” – it sounds an ambitious goal.. but your wordpress could be a very good example of this idea, since i found a lot of good ideas/posts for the first time in your blog. (just back from a vacation, tired..)

  2. Christoph says:

    you are right… just to give an example: before we dreamed about the iPhone the technology was presented at TED. couple of weeks later Apple bought the concept of the speaker 😉

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