René Magritte – A painter of ideas

René Magritte “was primarily a painter of ideas, a painter of visible thoughts, rather than of subjects. Finally I managed to visit the René Magritte Exhibition taking place in the Albertina (gallery in Vienna). I was deeply impressed. Why?
Firstly, it is an amazing Exhibition: a fantastic selection of 150 works giving you a chance to understand his career.
Secondly, the gallery did a good job in providing descriptions.
Thirdly, he was an important artist who started differentiating between the meaning, the representation and naming of subjects (this is no pipe)
Finally, in all it’s complexity he showed an inspiring way to illustrate dreams and pain.

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One Response to René Magritte – A painter of ideas

  1. Fiona.q says:

    i like the left 2nd. although i dont like his style in general.

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