What would you tell 1 million people?

Each day, The Listserve sends a single email from a random person to a mailing list containing a gigantic number of subscribers.

A great idea! What would you ask them?

If you want to be part of it, subscribe here.


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4 Responses to What would you tell 1 million people?

  1. Fiona.q says:

    that sounds interesting… what would you tell?

    • Christoph says:

      good to have u back…
      Even though it’s a tough one I try to give an answer… Life is full of beautiful moments and setbacks, but it is what u make out of it. You can say the glas is half empty, or that it is half full… So knowing that find out what makes you truly happy, make friends and be open to change for the better, to be happier… qz life is a change 😉

      • Fiona.q says:

        yea, since now we are in the same time zone, i couldnt respond to you right away when you post around 8am almost every work day, lol.
        i wont say my life has changed dramatically, but i have to say so many differences i have experienced and they are just like ants biting me every day..

      • Christoph says:

        it’s all about the ants 😉

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