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A special Valentine’s Day

cdza comes up with a very nice Valentine’s edition: the stories of four couples and the songs they were married to. Advertisements

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How to Get Kids Into Classical Music

Cdza is up again: a clever way for kids to get excited about classical music using modern day pop music.

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Sing a song in the musician’s street

You know I am really fond of cdza: remember the The Human Jukebox or some other epic videos. Yesterday they came up with a cool new one. They sang famous songs in the streets of New York which carry the name of … Continue reading

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The Human Jukebox

I’ve already shared some cool stuff of cdza… 2 days ago they came up with The Human Jukebox | cdza Opus No. 9. Street artists with classic music are somehow a special type of artists: they need the ability to … Continue reading

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We create musical experiments

Cool: cdza (we create musical experiments) uploaded a new video!

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